Sunday, October 3, 2010

Some Musings on a Train

A quarry through the trees.
Trees. Bushes.
Sunlight reflects
the train interior.
People reading.
Rock. Pavement. Stopping.
Station House.
A red headed woman.
Signs and fences.
Cloudy now.
Green hose along barbed
wire fencing.
Trees and bushes freeze
when they come into
sight, then blur
into ghosts.
Pine trunks.
Riverbank. Highway.
Farm. Field. Road. Hill.
Overtaking car and sign.
Trees in row.
Roofs and windows.
Tunnel. Gradation of light.
Clouded valley and stone wall.
Trees fall.
Paint on window. Reflection
of a water bottle now.
My hand writing.
Browned shrubs.
Heather greyed.

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