Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Last Day in Scotland.

My heart is breaking today, but please note, I am a sappy/sentimental person. If someone asked me a year ago today if I would spend almost 4 months living in Scotland in the near future I would have thought they were crazy and now I can barely believe I have to leave this place.

The things that I know about this experience already are incredible, the thought of the things I have yet to learn from this experience are almost as exciting. Moving away from New York City for the first time in 14 years, living abroad for the first time in my life, making art everyday... these are just the beginning of the insane things I'm experiencing right now.

I still wonder at the beauty of hanging my laundry to dry, even today as I put it out in the beautiful sunny October afternoon where I could see my breath, knowing that it would never dry and once it was dark outside, bringing it in still wet and now cold, to hang on drying racks and hangers in the shower.

Shopping at the Co-op for Halloween candy and toys when once I bought supplies to host an American Fourth of July celebration. Time passing in a new place is a profound thing to experience in one's life and I'm so glad and thankful for the experience.

I hope that I will be able to articulate to a greater extent what has happened to me while I was here. I could begin to list and recount all the activities and experiences, people I will remember forever, but it might be best now to just let those memories marinate in my brain as I travel home and adjust to the new changes that will be around me.

And finally, for a change, here's a photo of me on the top of Ben Rinnes last friday after Damian and I set out on a sunny morning to climb into a cloud covered mountain top that was like a private cold misty magical room at the top of the world where no one could see us.

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