Thursday, October 21, 2010

Artist in Residence: Carrie Iverson

My fellow American in residence at Glenfiddich, Carrie, ships back stateside on friday. Originally from Virginia now residing in Portland via Chicago, Carrie was the first glass artist in the program. Her pieces ranged from etching on cold glass that were inspired by wear patterns found around the distillery and into Dufftown itself to rubbings and my personal favorites, the glass bungs that she recreated from the original cork and wood plugs that are aged as the whisky sits in the barrels for as long as 12 to 50 years.

Carrie had to work off site in Lybster in the upper highlands at a glass foundry so she would be around for a couple weeks to join us for our shenanigans at the ceilidhs and fire pit nights and then venture off on her own. Good luck Carrie with the culture shock back here in the U.S. and see you in the spring in NYC!

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