Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Spirit Supply

So, after more than two weeks of settling in to living in Scotland for a little while, touring around the area, doing some test shoots and getting my pre-production in order, I did my first official shoot today. Since I'm living on the grounds of a whisky distillery and have full access to all aspects of the production, part of my project while I'm here will be to shoot all those details. Today in my PPE (personal protection equipment of steel toed boots and a high viz vest, along with a gas meter to measure the oxygen as to not start a fire with any possible electronic spark of my camera) I signed in on a work permit and got on the floor of the spirit supply. This is the place where the whisky is either put into the casks or when it is finished aging, it is removed for bottling. The air hangs with a heady mist and here is an image of the casks being filled.

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