Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Auchindoun Castle

"In November 1571 Sir Adam Gordon rode out from Auchindoun to Corgarff Castle seeking to capture Forbes of Towie. Forbes was away, but his wife was home and refused them entry. Infuriated, Adam set fire to the house, murdering everybody inside, including several children. For this act he became known as Herod of the North.
Auchindoun was itself burnt by a certain William Macintosh in retaliation. In 1592, trying to atone for this deed, William went to Adam Gordon's castle at Gight. Adam's wife, Henrietta, told William that her husband would behead him, but in his absence she, being more merciful, would spare him. William responded by feigning willingness to suffer that humiliation and laid his head on a block used to butcher bullocks. Unable to resist the temptation, the countess had her cook part William's head from his body."
-Text from wall placard at Auchindoun castle 

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