Monday, October 19, 2009

The Stone Masters – California Rock Climbers in the Seventies

My friend Alex from Loden Dager gave me this new book this weekend (images from it were on their inspiration board for the SS10 collection). It is an awesome book of images by Dean Fidelman and stories/essays by John Long, published by T. Adler Books. They are the same company that put out great surfing books a few years ago.

It's cool to look at the great stye & looks from California in the seventies being worn for functional purposes (and a bit of fashion) in their natural environments.

"Jim Bridwell had a quiver of silk scarves and he gave me one he thought suited my personality – bold, but unpretentious. With hair cuts far and few between, these scarves kept our long hair tied back and, over time, became part of our style."
- Mike Graham

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