Thursday, September 2, 2010

Artist in Residence: Shiau-Peng Chen

So the first of our fellow residents has finished her time here with us in Scotland. Shiau-Peng returned to Taipei, Taiwan yesterday, actually she's probably just landing about now. We had a great farewell dinner and toast on Tuesday night at the Highlander Pub in Craigellachie. 

Above is a portrait I shot of her early in the summer and below is an installation shot of her work in the first gallery show here at Glenfiddich. Her work is very beautiful, tight, minimalist paintings of differing geometric forms. These were map paintings telescoping in from a macro to micro view of her studio in her cottage on the grounds of the distillery here in Dufftown.

Bye Shiau-Peng! See you in Taiwan! or New York (in my garage).

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