Sunday, August 1, 2010

Gallery Installation

These pieces are called Distill Time Lapse (work in progress) which consists of 3 video loops on DVD and Distill (work in progress), 209 4" x 6" c-prints hung in pod like groupings.

These time lapse videos show a 24 hour period of a barley field, the whisky stills in still house #2 and two work days in the bottling department at Glenfiddich. These 3 subjects represent roughly the beginning, middle and final product in whisky making. These will be part of a larger collection of time lapse pieces shot around Glenfiddich and Duffftown.

This wall of photographs is a peek into the  editing of my images. By placing them into these organic pods of relationships based on subject matter, form or even color, I can begin to reduce them from the original shoot into the essence of what the final photographs(s) will be while at the same time creating new assembled image pieces.

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