Wednesday, April 7, 2010

James Welling @ David Zwirner Gallery

James Welling's Glass House show at David Zwirner consists of beautiful photographs he shot with a digital camera over a period of 3 years at Philip Johnson's Connecticut landmark. The colors are surprising and excite the effect of looking through a transparent structure. His lo-fi ability to change the color physically in his photographs heightens the effects we normally assume would be manufactured digitally.
"To achieve his luminous effects, the artist placed a variety of colored filters between lens and subject to introduce intense fields of color, transforming the image at the moment of exposure. In this new body of large-scale inkjet prints, Welling continues to explore his longtime interest in color phenomena and trichromatic (RGB) vision, the process by which our eyes and brain work together to perceive the visible spectrum. Welling first examined these ideas in 2005 with his Hexachromes, images of succulents photographed through colored filters. Begun at the same time as these works, the Glass House images were produced using many of the same filter combinations and layering effects."

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